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This website is a compilation of information I've personally researched and gathered so I could take care of my family in a time of a food scarcity, or any other emergency where having food on hand would be advantageous.

This information is divided into class topics as seen on the left hand side in order to help others, to likewise be prepared.

Also take note of the "IMMUNE SYSTEM" topic,
meant for 'preparing' ourselves health-wise!

My personal approach to STORING FOOD, as seen here in these topics, comes from the perspective of wanting to have everything I need to sustain life (food/water-wise) within the walls of my home!

I would have the supplies for different "Water" scenarios already bought and ready to go, if and when an emergency should arise.
I would have my long term storage-able food on my shelves with forethought already given to preparing 3 meals a day so that if and when that emergency should arise, I can be calm, knowing what I need to sustain life for my family is already here at home.


This information contained herein is intended to be a resource only and the website author does not guarantee accuracy of the information provided.

This website is not an official publication of the LDS church or of the Lake Mary and Orlando Stakes.

In these class topics, we will learn what long-lasting foods are, how they are able to have a long shelf life, where to purchase them, and how to prepare them, thus learning "HOW" to be more SELF-SUFFICIENT!

These classes are not only to prepare a "family shelf storage" in case of a time where food may be scarce or for any other variety of emergency situations where having food set aside will be helpful, BUT...

...to also teach that these long term "storage-able" foods....

can be OUR LIFE-SAVERS, nutrition-wise



We might need to "tweak" some bad habits a bit, and bad "refined" food choices and get back to the basics of preparing food in their simple, wholesome, pure form that they were created in!

...and NOT buy into the overly processed, additive & chemical laden alternatives that tempt and surround us so easily & readily now...especially not all the time...


It is my opinion that we need to MAKE THE EFFORT to get and stay healthy.
We must strengthen our bodies with the proper foods so that we can function to our greatest potential.


We were meant to live a full happy and productive life!

This website, in addition to learning how to use the foods we are storing, as we need to do so in order to feed those we love, will also reflect my love of nutrition, and of seeking the greatest health possible, which after all these years I have realized .....




Bless us all in our efforts in this worthy pursuit!




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