Favorite Things

Here are a few of my favorite things!

(personal opinion of course)


I base what I list here on "Nutrition and Health".
The following things will greatly enhance our quality of life now and especially for a long term food storage need when escalated stress is involved and where our health will be in our own hands and from our knowledge and storage!


"Life IS (and can be) good",

to coin the popular phrase and was meant to be!


Therefore, these are some of my favorite things ~


See topic "IMMUNE SYSTEM"....understanding foods, vitamins, etc. is vital for our optimum health and well-being for now and for the long run!
Also read about Himalayan Salt there -- pretty awesome!!

Everyday "Healthy drinking Water bottles"! See subtopic by this name under "Water" topic.
It is unbelievable the levels of toxins that enter into our body daily (children especially suspectible).
Must reading there!

Check out the topic "Fats, Oils, and TT". We use oils everyday, they might as well be the HEALTHY ONES! Use them now and have them in our long term storage. That topic will guide us in acquiring this.
Buy the book "Virgin Coconut Oil" from the TT site! It's an easy read and what a wealth of important information needed to understand about what oils we put into our bodies and how "healing", the RIGHT OILS ARE FOR US!
The book is referring to the "Gold Label" Coconut Oil, but we will receive the same benefits from the Green Label and Pure Coconut Oil, however the Gold Label yields highest nutritional value.

VCO will change our health and energy without a doubt!!
I've been using it for years (2-3 T in my daily smoothie). See TT for more info.

"Greens First" (GreensFirst.com) powder for adding to smoothies or just in water or juice ~
It's a blend of organic fruits and vegetables, antioxidants, probiotics & enyzmes all of which are non-GMO!
It's also rich in Organic Spirulina and Chlorella - superfoods rich in protein and iron. Supports fat loss and helps detox heavy metals!
"Plant Fusion" plant protein powder ~ It contains sprouted amaranth and quinoa powders and doesn't color the smoothie "green", therefore a great product to get nutrition into children's drinks!
Also see www.foodbabe.com. for some great info, advice and insight!


The top Omega 3 natural food sources are:
Flaxseeds - I buy as whole seeds and grind in a little coffee grinder and use immediately over cereal, in smoothie, etc. Don't grind and store in refrigerator; they'll lose strength, potency and health benefits once those oils are released in the grinding process. Grind fresh and use as needed!
Fish Oil - Only buy "Carlson's" brand from a health food store. Other fish oils no matter what they say on the label aren't near as pure and healthy as Carlson's! I've done my research.
Chia seeds - find everything you want to know about them under the topic "Super Grains". You don't "eat" the seeds or grind them, you make a gel -- brings out the full potential in them!
Salmon - Costco has the "wild" salmon in cans or frozen. Don't eat "farmed" - putting a lot of bad stuff in your body.

Another Protein powder that I love, offering great nutrition from Tropical Traditions is called:
"Mt. Capra Premium Goat-Milk Protein".
"Goat Milk Mineral Whey" is also a very good one for the body!
It is full of trace minerals and excess acidity (which cancer loves) is neutralized by this wholesome mineral whey.
Read more about them on the TT site.
I also add TT oil  to my smoothie. See "Fats, Oils and TT" for more info.
It's essential to include healthy oils to our daily diet!
They actually help us lose weight and nourish the whole body helping to slow down the aging process.



Some think we need to eat and "store" MEAT in order to obtain our protein, but rice and beans, some sprouts) are a COMPLETE PROTEIN WITHOUT all the antibiotics, growth hormones and poisons that can be associated with meat these days! 
There is protein in vegetables AND fabulous protein in the Goat's Milk Protein Powder just mentioned

It's not about the "meat" itself... it's what has been done to those animals/chickens, etc. with their feed, confinement, factory preparation, injecting of growth hormones and antibiotics that makes this kind of "meat" unhealthy to consume.
The potentially toxic contaminants in the so called factory-farming system is something indeed to avoid!

However, Grass fed, and organically raised animals/chickens would be obtaining "safe" good protein from meat!

The "modern world" we live in however, is more concerned with PROFIT than health!!
Big surprise there!

We'd be better off (in my opinion) to "store" other purer sources of protein for "long term storage" unless we have our own cows and chickens.
Keep in mind also, that the largest animals on the planet -- elephants, etc.... are vegetarians (not that I'm saying we should be; I am not) and they are not "weak". They get plenty of protein in their diet!

See main topic, "Protein" for more information!


Either of the "Goat-Milk" powders and "Greens First" protein powder can be considered "luxury" items because we can obtain protein in other "basic" sources, mentioned above.
But I use them in my daily morning smoothie - excellent way to start a very healthy day!
Nourishment to every cell in the body!
I want to be fully self-sufficient where my health is concerned!

This is stated in the Sprouting topic, but sprouting in the Easy Sprout Sprouter (I call it "cup"),
Takes 2 minutes twice a day -- that is it! It is one of my favorite things!

Another absolute favorite is RAW HONEY for its health and other benefits, not even to mention the taste - a "must-have" in daily and long term storage! Honey has an indefinite shelf life!!

Google where to find raw honey in your area....read topic "Why HONEYBEE PANTRY" and see why it is SO important! For more honey info, see "Getting Started" in subtopic "1 Adult - 3 Months".
It is also mentioned in "Subbing" topic, under "Honey...." subtopic.

Along those same "honey" lines - is "bee pollen/royal jelly/bee propolis".
It can be found in local health food stores or from a raw honey supplier.
Read all about these in the opening topic "Why Honeybee Pantry".

I buy royal jelly (and propolis) at a local health food store - it reads "Y.S. Eco Bee Farms". It also contains Propolis, Korean Ginseng and Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng, which is a great balancing herb to the body).


As far as Food Storage favorites,
that really is up to what works best for your family....

(and make sure attention and effort as been put forth toward acquiring the BASICS first, they are the CORE for a well balanced diet!)...

but I love (from EE) the Berry Blend (previously called "Triple Berry Blend") and FD Oranges.
I can blend the FD Oranges with water and add to a smoothie for a great nutritional boost for my family (and with some raw honey)!

I love the vegetable mix from HNV (previously called honeyvillegrain, but now just www.honeyville.com). What a great healthy blend that we can toss into anything -- it is a mixture of corn, carrots, peas, red peppers, tomatoes.

I would advise "green vegetables" for the iron content, like FD spinach.

I also like how whole egg powder opens up many possibilities for meals within our food storage.


From www.rainydayfoods.com,
I love the Cheddar Cheese Powder; 9 grain cracked cereal; 16 Bean Mix and the Ezekiel Mix. That Ezekiel mix you grind for bread, then just add honey, oil and yeast. Great ingredients - check it out; they give the recipe for doing this too.

Note about ordering from Rainyday (as mentioned elsewhere too)..... the shipping is too high for me in Florida. I'd be better off placing a bulk order at a local health food store, BUT.... if you can get a few people to go in on an order together, they will give you a shipping quote for a 500 lb + order -- just call them to discuss.

And if your organization or LDS Stake wants a truck delivery to your area, then you can get a great discount that way as well! Call to discuss.



However my ultimate FAVORITE THING to have 

 to be prepared is



See subtopic "Homemade Berkey Water Filter" under the topic "Water".
This is incredible and super easy to assemble and yields an amazing amount of CLEAN DRINKING WATER! That whole "Water" topic needs to be read to help us know how to obtain "safe water" whether we have to leave our homes, or can stay in them.

And purify our stored water with Purogene (see subtopic called this under "Water").

Having SAFE WATER to drink is my #1 emphasis, then storing the BASIC CORE ITEMS, with thought to variety, health and pureness.





We will be led, inspired and directed in all our efforts - I promise you!

God bless us all in this very important quest of becoming more SELF-RELIANT!







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