Garden Seeds, Sprout Seeds ALREADY PACKAGED

has one of the best selection

of "pre-packaged"




that I've seen!!

(Even a "Salsa" seeds collection)


There certainly can be other websites that provide these same services, so just check around, but wanted to include this "news" for your personal information.

(I also love for their huge help and assistance in BREADMAKING and have referred to them on this website.)


I wanted to cover the topic of SPROUTING in detail on this HONEYBEE PANTRY website, so that we can all be familiar and confident in the wonderful world of sprouting --- to know and understand this whole picture and to feel secure in sprouting our own!

The topics "Sprouting" and "Sprout Order Suggestions"

will help give us the knowledge we need to have our own year supply of sprouting seed

(meaning also grain, bean, etc. for sprouting purposes).


The site just mentioned, has many selections of storageable seeds, packaged in big containers for a year's worth for one person.

I am particularly impressed with their HERB SEEDS ~

Culinary Herb and Medicinal Herb,

WOW; this is awesome!


Not only do they offer regular GARDEN SEEDS, but a "Fruits n' Such" seed collection, a "Spring Seed Collection", etc.

These are all of course "organic", heirloom, non-GMO, non-hybrid (this is important so succeeding generations will have the same excellent plant characteristics as the original seed).


So there are many choices --

buying these "pre-packed" buckets (and stored in DE - diatomaceous earth too!!),

or doing our own personal gathering and assembly,

or doing a group get together to assemble.


Look on the EE site at for more reading about GARDEN SEEDS.

Click on "Insight Articles" in the light green box at the top of their home page. Then scroll down to "Food Storage", click, then see "Growing your Own Food".

This should answer any questions that you may have.


SHELF LIFE: Garden seeds store well up to 4 years at a temperature from about 65 - 70 degrees. They will store even much longer at a lower temperature, so keep in the refrigerator for longest shelf life.







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