Great Bread is So Easy



You might just want the bread recipe

and to be left alone

with everything else smiley,


but "UNDERSTANDING" all the details will give us KNOWLEDGE wink!!

and that's what empowers us to be really prepared, no matter what situation may arise!

(See subtopic "Homemade DOUGH ENHANCERS" and then its subtopic "Dough Enhancers Year Supply Amounts" to find out how much to store in order to make 1 large loaf of WW bread a day, for a whole year. Of course you can make less than this amount, but it'll give a unique perspective.)


This ENTIRE TOPIC soley addresses making "WHOLE WHEAT YEAST BREAD".

This understanding lays the foundation; then all other Bread varieties can be discussed.


2 things before we get turned loose here:

#1 ~ Everyone is familiar with the procedure of "letting the dough rise til double in bulk".....and this will make wonderful bread, but I will introduce a new idea of thinking here......

I've read and researched from many great bakers and although the same amount of "rising time" is pretty much adhered to, it is broken into 2 shorter risings for a HIGHER AND LIGHTER BREAD, so notice this as you read on.


#2 ~ Also, I make my own Dough Enhancer (will refer to as "DE" in these bread topics, not to be confused with the DE, diatomaceous earth, that we store sprout seed in! smiley)

Yes, you can "buy" the dough conditioner or enhancer, BUT it'll have other things in there that aren't pure....

and I'm all about being as pure as you can be in eating and storing foods;

AND it is being, more SELF-RELIANT!

*Always know how to take care of things, WITHOUT RELYING on another product, outside source, etc. is my opinion.



Read on and enjoy, I hope cool,

and start  L O V I N G  your bread!


Understanding the layout of this topic:


The first subtopics,

"Needs and Advice"; "Pan Size Trick"; and "Follow One Pattern" are all tips and background information that will be necessary for understanding HOW TO MAKE BREAD IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE! It is "preparing" you to do so.


The next two subtopics,

"Kneading and Windowpane Test" and "Rounding the Dough and Finish" are TEACHING HOW TO MAKE BREAD --- the step by step guidance; in that order.

They will refer you to subtopic "Fingerpoke Test" if you need help judging this last step before baking.


"Homemade Dough Enhancers" is what you'll want to put in your whole wheat yeast bread recipes, whether using the recipe I use - "Bosch Whole Wheat Bread", or your own.

And then when you've read the background information; and have acquired your supplies to make the Homemade Dough Enhancers, THEN YOU'RE READY TO BAKE BREAD.

Dough Enhancer Homemade recipe to be found under this main topic, in subtopic called "Homemade DOUGH ENHANCERS". It can also be found under main topic "My WW Bread, Condensed Version" in subtopic "TOP WINNER Bread Secret".




See these recipes under subtopic "Honey Butter and Herbed Butter", under main topic "My WW Bread, Condensed Version".

A perfect finishing touch!


Trivia note:

A #10 can of whole wheat weighs 5.8 lbs. It contains about 13 cups dry. The entire #10 can whole wheat kernels ground up, would be about 20 cups of wheat flour.






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