This topic will show us how creative we can be with soups by knowing just 2 things...

...that there are 2 main basic "base" soups from which many varieties can be made!


Those 2 "base" soups are:

(1) Using Potato flakes, dry milk powder and freeze dried cheese (cheese can be an optional addition)

and (2) Using tomato powder as the base

(of course there are "broth" soups, but this information will cover these food storage items: potato flakes, dry milk powder and tomato powder)


We will learn what goes best with these 2 basic kinds of soups. There will be a list of food item accessories (spices, seasonings, freeze dried vegetables, beans, etc.) and ideas so that we will be prepared to produce all kinds of possibilities coming from our food storage supply.

Some cornbread recipes will be given to complete the "soup" picture!