Breakfast Foods


Oh yum! Who doesn't love Breakfast foods!

And I'm talking of course about "healthy" choices that your family will love - by getting back to the basics (we should have never left!) and KEEPING those healthy ingredients actually IN THE FOOD...

...and not replaced with synthetic counterparts, which not only leave us empty and undernourished, but create havoc in our system causing more problems that could have easily been avoided by doing it right the first time!


Make the best homemade pancake syrup EVER! as well as other fruit syrups and sauces.

Recipes for pancakes, waffles, and fritters (a very light and "higher" pancake, so-to-speak; a special treat given to guests).

Best basic tips when using any muffin recipes; how to use oatmeal, fruits in them - plenty of fantastic delicious recipes included.

Also cinnamon rolls by using the Bishop's Storehouse "potato flakes". And of course we'll include the tasty iciing (if you have butter powder and powdered sugar stored!)


And my 2 favorite breakfast ideas --


Smoothies are very do-able with food storage items! What to put in them "now" for tremendous health benefit and for those "leaner" times as well.


Why the emphasis on this?

For improving our intestinal bacteria population (and to aid in digestion)!!

Going to be especially necessary in a time of struggle!


There are many unhealthy and of NO benefit yogurts out there! I use freeze dried cultures with the "Live and Active Cultures" seal.

This seal (visibly seen to the buyer) is a voluntary identification.
However, if wanting to buy a food storage yogurt product where no seal is present, I would demand to see proof (not by word only, of course) that the probiotic bacteria in the yogurt has not been killed by heat processing.

If no "live" Acidophilus cultures are present, then we're just eating it for fun! No health benefits at all.
But isn't the point of eating yogurt to get those benefits!?

Taste may be great, but see if sugar is added to the product!
We may be giving something we think is healthy to our children, but in reality it's just a sweet treat which is OK for a "treat", but don't expect the "real yogurt benefits"!


And my homemade granola ~
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