Natural Remedies


I think if we could just sit on that bench and breathe and look,

that would be all the medicine that we'd need!


This topic will help us feel more in charge of caring for our family when other "outside" help may either be scarce or unavailable, and for our everyday needs NOW.

This topic will remind us that all GOODNESS comes from the land and

was created FOR OUR actually "USE"!

SELF RELIANCE shouldn't just mean preparation 'FOOD-wise',

it, by way of common sense,

should include ALL OUR NEEDS..... 'HEALTH-wise' as well.


I have included a "portion" of this "Natural Remedies" class under topic "Herbal Teas", and subtopic "Medicinal Herbs I Use".

This topic will address common complaints and illnesses that occur in our everyday lives:

Colds, coughs, fevers, other ailments, bites, etc.

It will give suggestions, recipes, and guidance to relieve symptoms and speed recovery.

This will actually be 2 topics ~ one using basic items, the other incorporating the use of "herbs" along with those basic items. For example, you can make a quick cough syrup or you can make one including herbs as well - both are effective. 

The herbs will BRING US BACK TO THE LAND and help us to realize what amazing "helps" come from the ground.....the way some civilizations have been living and "healing" FOR CENTURIES!! without outside help!!


I would just feel more secure of taking care of my family in ALL AREAS --

  that's full and true preparation, in my opinion.