Holiday Cakes and Mixes



So many recipes call for "cake mixes" and "instant pudding mixes".

It would be nice to know how to use natural ingredients to sub for these, AND having them on hand, coming from our very own family storehouse.

Just think ~ in a time of scarcity, we can still use a favorite recipe calling for those prepared boxes of cake and pudding mixes, and MAKE THEM out of our long term storage items!

It would be wise to do this even now, as those "box" ingredients leave much to be desired in terms of keeping and maintaining a healthy body!

There will be some information provided in this topic as to

what those ingredients DO to our bodies

and how they ARE EVEN OUTLAWED

in some countries because of their detrimental health effects!


This topic will provide information for making homemade (and from food storage of course):

Yellow, white and chocolate cake mixes

Chocolate and vanilla instant pudding mixes

Cake flour (and cake recipes)

Frostings, powdered sugar

Ideas on using dried apples instead of shortening in cake mixes

Hot cocoa mix

AND using homemade yogurt for sour cream and cream cheese frostings!



And we thought eating out of food storage meant endless meals

of rice and beans and soaked wheat!



If we have prepared beforehand, meaning NOW!!