“Until man duplicates

a blade of grass,

nature can laugh at his so-called

scientific knowledge.


Remedies from chemicals

will never stand in favor compared

with the products of nature, the living cell of the plant,

the final result of the rays of the sun, the mother of all life.”

Thomas Edison


Read more about the Antioxidant benefits contained in Sprouts under subtopic "Antioxidants!", under main topic "FD Fruits & Veggies".


(See why and how to AERATE SPROUT SEEDS under subtopic "Items Needed for Assembling", under next topic "Sprout Order Suggestions")

When we see Food Storage Calculator Charts to aid us in knowing how much long term food to store, they usually don't make reference for storing "seed" (meaning anything that sprouts - beans, grain, etc.). However, some sites do and I think it is very wise in doing so as well.

As we will learn in this topic, SPROUTS are full of vitamins/minerals, etc. and can be grown indoors, all year round and have an indefinite storage life!

Therefore, common sense tells me this is a fantastic way to enhance my family's diet, boost our immune systems (especially in a time of stress and scarcity) and give us VITAL NUTRIENTS, and are so easy to do!!

It is suggested to store 20 - 25 lbs of sproutable seed pppy

(per person per year).

This topic will totally assist you in doing this!


"A team of researchers at the University of Texas Cancer Center said they found that the cancer cells were 99% inhibited by the mix of live, sprouted sprouts, mainly sprouted broccoli seeds.

Statistically speaking, this would suggest that live sprouts may, in some cases, have the ability to inhibit cancer cells!

Eating sprouted foods regularly can result in dramatic improvements to digestion, immunity and our general health and well-being.

Not only will our digestion be healthy and our body more alkaline when we include sprouted foods in our diet on a regular basis, but we'll be better equipped to prevent and combat common colds and flu, illnesses, even dreaded diseases.


For one example,
Jed Fahey, ScD, director of John Hopkins University's Brassica Chemoprotection Laboratory says that Broccoli Sprouts pack at least 20 times MORE Antioxidant sulforaphane as mature broccoli. He is the one who discovered the sprout's anticancer activity.

Sulforaphane cranks up our body's production of cancer-protective enzymes, which can also kill Helicobacter pylori, the ulcer-causing bacterian linked to stomach cancer.
Preliminary  studies suggest broccoli sprouts may help protect against liver, prostrate, bladder and breast cancer!


Research has shown that sprouts help to keep the immune system STRONG!
When the immune system is fortified, we are far less likely to be stricken - or to succumb to common or degenerative health ailments!"

(context taken from "You Are What You Eat", page 212 by Dr. Gillian McKeith)



Mothers of the plant world can stay asleep for 1000's of years and then still bear a child (the sprout).  They can be frozen slowly or quickly, and still bear a child (the sprout). 

And, at the moment of birth, like a human they give their children every conceivable nutritional value that we today know of, just like a human child that at birth has been given all nutritional values to start life with. 

What are those nutritional values that come to us at birth from which everything originates?
They are ALL the 3000 enzymes known to man.
They are ALL the 560 proteins known to man.
They are all the vitamins known to man and of course all the minerals that the specific mother grew with in her environment.



As far as storing food for a time when there is a REAL NEED, "fresh" sprouts right on our countertop are our VITAMINS & MINERALS!! They are our "AT PEAK"  FRESH PRODUCE and they will be ours and our family's LIFELINE...




We'll be surprised at how simple this is!





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