Getting Started

Read the topics

"Basics of Storing Food"

and "Storage Needs"

for a background understanding

of what this "FOOD STORAGE"

is all about blush!


This topic with its subtopics are to help us GET UP AND RUNNING!

(See subtopic "Your Personal Plan", for YOUR personal help

in acquiring your family's food storage.)


We'll be armed, ready, confident and can TAKE OFF yes!

When I first started "studying" about this whole "Food Storage" subject, I realized why people might "shy" away from it and stick it on the back burner of their minds!

Because there seemed to be a gazillion sites on the topic and our lives are already so "full and busy enough" that no wonder we aren't as prepared as we should be!

The overwhelming question was, "where do I even start?"


But what I found out was that all those gazillion sites pretty much repeat each other, thank goodness!
(and all the info that you'll need is on this website, so just relax)

And it just came back to where it always does....
THE BASICS - knowing what basic foods will sustain life the best and how to prepare them!

Well then, maybe this is actually "DO-ABLE"!


Elder Thomas S. Monson (Ensign, Sept. 1986, p. 4)

“Recent surveys of the Church members have shown a serious erosion in the number of families who have a year’s supply of life’s necessities. Most members plan to do it. 

Too few have begun.”



This topic is designed to help us to not be scared, but to begin and that yes, we CAN certainly do this!

First, just remember the PROCESS of how to store food……

We don’t buy a whole year supply of wheat for our family and then move on to the next item. We’ve been advised to purchase all the basic items “together” and start with 1 month for our family, then build to 3 months, etc. 

We start first with the very basic items that are listed in the "Calculator Charts", because they will sustain life; then we can add other luxury items (like freeze dried fruits and vegetables) as budget allows.


We cannot assume that running water will always be available. If we are storing food, it is nothing without a constant flow of water supply!
Read main topic "Water" - our most important item in our Food Storage!


Our minds would do well to always be in the "preparing" mode; being wise, thinking about the future....

We take great care in preparing for future retirement, and different kinds of insurance to protect our loved ones...... well FOOD STORAGE is just that --- another "wise" preparation worthy of our thoughts AND ACTIONS!





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