Herbal Teas, Herbs and the Word of Wisdom


There is some confusion blush about Teas,

 if there are "unhealthy" ones,

if there are "good" ones,

and then where do "Herbal Teas"

fit into all this?


This whole topic reflects my appreciation for the medicinal value of plants/herbs and is to be viewed as my personal opinion.

See subtopic "Herbs Used by Prophets..."  for some of MY FAVORITE HERBAL TEAS for medicinal and soothing benefits and to learn HOW TO PREPARE HERBAL TEAS!

(Much of my personal "health benefits" recommendations found throughout this topic will also be repeated in the main topic "IMMUNE SYSTEM". I like to have them in various places for extra help.)


I believe it is one of Satan's "deliberate" tactics that fuels this confusion, to "keep us away from the absolute and intended help and health" we can most definitely derive from these...






What needs to be understood is that there are 2 categories of tea derived from completely different sources...

(1) the "Non-Herbal" (may not be in alignment with the Word of Wisdom guidelines), see explanation of Word of Wisdom at www.mormon.org/commandments.

(2), the "Herbal", the medicinal healing herbs, or shouldn't even be called "teas", but "foods" instead....which, as the following scriptures, stories and Journal of Discourses will explain,

...are extremely beneficial and for our use!!


*Non-Herbal Teas ~ the "Traditional" Teas like black, green and oolong teas

True (traditional) tea is made from the leaves of an Asian evergreen known as Camellia sinensis. White tea, green tea, oolong tea, and black tea all come from this plant, and all contain caffeine.  

Black tea is the most common type of "non-herbal" tea, including blends such as English breakfast, Earl Grey, and Orange Pekoe. 

  • Then there is Green tea and the oolong teas, which are a combination of green and black teas.
  • Non-herbal teas contain varying amounts of caffeine and antioxidants.
  • Non-herbal teas are made from leaves of "tea" plants.
  • The longer the oxidation time (fermenting) of the leaf, the higher the caffeine level. 
  • The amount of brewing time and the size and type of tea leaf can also influence how much caffeine is in the tea.
  • Decaf versions of non-herbal teas still contain a bit of caffeine.


*Herbal Teas ~ are made from other "natural" plants
and DO NOT have any caffeine (one exception is Yeba Mate).

 so caffeine is not an issue when consuming this type of tea! 

Again....Herbal infusions look like tea and are brewed by pouring boiling water over the tea leaves – yet they do not come from the Camellia sinensis bush, explained above, the plant from which all "traditional" non-herbal teas are made.


Instead, herbal teas are made from mixtures of botanicals.....

  • .....technically, not a "tea" at all!
  • They are derived from a blend of dried plant flowers, seeds, berries, roots and leaves of a variety of plants—not from actual “tea plant” leaves.
  • True Herbal teas do not contain caffeine.
  • These teas can also be used as “medicinal” remedies (relating to, or having the properties of medicine).

My life was saved by administering herbs and herbal teas to me (see subtopic "My Story). They have been known to save the lives of many and have been doing so all throughout time!


Here are some excellent books to study (in my opinion), if interested in learning more about taking care of your family's health with herbs from the good earth! ~

"The Way of Herbs" by Michael Tierra

"The New Holistic Herbal" by David Hoffman (you'll have to google this and order, as it is not in print anymore)

Any books by Rosemary Gladstar. I have her "Medicinal Herbs" and "Herbal Recipes". Wonderful!

All these books are amazing and I believe will aid us in preparing for the latter days with complete immune building and toxic waste removal herbal teas and everything else pertaining to our body's needs! They will also teach us how to make our own ointments, salves, tinctures, etc.


What a beautiful and wonderful earth that feeds and nurtures us!


This is not my quote but I love it ~

"Happy is he who hath the power, to gather wisdom from a flower."





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