Storage Needs


Storing food properly is not about shortcuts or tricks, but understanding about "real nutrition" that is going into the mouths of our family members. 


It's about basic, pure foods that "FEED AND SUSTAIN" the body!

We must take GREAT CARE in its STORAGE!






Max Mayfield, Director of the National Hurricane Center



"If we are to be saved in an ark, as Noah and his family were, it will be BECAUSE WE BUILD IT!

In the Bible, we read that Noah had at least a year's supply of food for the passengers on the ark, and Joseph gathered a seven-year supply of grain that sustained the people of ancient Egypt during a severe famine." (from "Lay Up in Store", a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints booklet)


Properly Stored food is our family's LIFELINE! 

If we understand how temperature, moisture, light and oxygen "affect" that LIFELINE, we may be more inclined to let it "be seen" if necessary, than to get it out of the way out in the garage! 


Check out President Harold B. Lee's quote about this!!

(see "PROPHETS Quotes on Food Storage)


It is also helpful to have the knowledge of food's "components" .... to be discussed in this complete topic!






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