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Dairy recommendations can be a little confusing as different websites suggest different "pounds" to store and where "eggs" and "butter" go....


The providentliving.com calculator lists "eggs" under the "Leavening" category, thus their Dairy storing suggestion is 30 lbs pppy (per person per year), leaving out eggs of course.

The readynutrition.com calculator doesn't even list eggs under any category.
The "other" in their Dairy category might be meant for eggs, as their suggested storage is almost 100 lbs total pppy.

Thus we see this big difference of opinion, but not to worry.
I just go halfway between the 2 suggestions and that would give me about 60 lbs, which I would include eggs in this.


Technically, Dairy means "anything made out of a mammal's milk" like cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, sour cream, powdered milk, buttermilk, goat's milk protein powder, etc. so I include "eggs" under the "Cooking Essentials and Leavening" topic.

Butter seems to make sense to be included in the Dairy category, but for food storage purposes it is viewed more as a "fat", thus it is included in the "Fats, Oils" category.



“Dairy” Requirements - 60 lbs pppy (per person per year

It is suggested to keep "half" the amount (of 60 lbs total dairy pppy) in dry milk powder (about 30 lbs).
If keeping milk to this, what they call the minimum of storing milk within the dairy category, then it is suggested to increase the Grain requirement to compensate nutritionally for not storing more milk.

The Grain suggested amount to store pppy is 300 lbs. Increase that amount to 400 lbs.


However, as you read through this website and if you are storing more "Super Grains" and "Sprouting seed" as well, you WILL be getting a superb amount of nutrition!

This suggestion is to help people from storing huge amounts of "white" flour and "white" rice, which holds no nutritional value AND keeping their dry milk amounts to the minimum as well. We can see this wise counsel for our well being in suggesting this!


OK - getting back on track here:

There are many options besides just thinking you have to “drink” the milk; you can put the powdered milk in everything.... in cooking, in adding to ground meat before cooking, in making sauces, and making homemade condensed and evaporated milks (see topic "Dry Powdered Milk"), adding to soups, etc.

You will also be using some dry milk for making bread, if including my Homemade Dough Enhancers in your breads (see topic "Great Bread..."). If using the Dough Enhancers keep in mind that it'll take 2 #10 cans of powdered milk, for making a loaf of bread a day for a year.


Here is one basic plan for an example, dividing 60 lbs between dry milk, its variations and cheese

This is very personal depending on your own culture, tastes, etc.
So this is ONLY a suggestion to get us thinking for what is good for our own family


*Dry Milk ~ each #10 can weighs 4.1 lbs (keep milk at or above the 30 lb minimum)
See next main topic "Dry Powdered Milk" to answer all of your dry milk questions!

I would also personally include:
Goat's Milk Protein Powder
(just a suggestion as to what I do; I add to my smoothie every morning).
I buy it from TT (tropicaltraditions.com) which I mention many times on this website.
This is from free range goats and contains NO antibiotics or growth hormones.
It is a COMPLETE PROTEIN SOURCE and contains ALL essential amino acids, also providing the body beneficial probiotics and enzymes!

Goat's milk is the most digestible protein on the planet!
Buttermilk powder
Sour cream powder
Freeze dried yogurt cultures
(from www.lehmans.com) to make yogurt and smoothies; smiley keep in freezer.

By storing these Dairy items, we have opened up many possibilities in our everyday diet which will be much appreciated by our family!


*FD Cheeses ~ each #10 can weighs 2.20 lbs

There are 4 cups in 1 lb of powdered cheese.
You would use 1 T of cheese powder, reconstituted, per 1 cup of cooked macaroni noodles smiley



Some personal advice and opinion:
EE's (Emergency Essentials at www.beprepared.com) "cheese blend" is healthier than www.rainydayfoods.com.

However, www.rainydayfoods.com has a fantastic Cheddar Cheese Powder!
It's healthy and pure and so amazingly tasty that I could just hold that #10 can up in the air and pour right into my mouth! Shake it over popcorn of course! And popcorn is a nice item to have in our storage for popping AND for grinding into cornmeal.






Cheese: Whether powdered or shredded, cheese has a shelf life of 25 + years.

Dry Powdered Milk: 20 + years

Buttermilk Powder: 25 + years

Sour Cream Powder: 25 + years




So with just a little effort on our part wink, we have changed a BASIC and kinda "limited" menu list into an immense variety of taste possibilities!!


We don't want to put this off!


Or we'll see faces like this when we look into our family storehouse for food!





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