See subtopic "Items Needed for Assembling")


“SPROUT ORDER” SUGGESTIONS for planning a group order;

to help acquire a year’s supply of sprouting grains, beans, seeds.


The picture is of "Pea Carnival", one of my favorite combinations, found at www.sproutpeople.org.




(based on 10 ½ people ordering, meaning “10 ½” portions)….

10 ½ portions “fit” the bag order,

meaning the bulk bags come in 25 or 50 lb bags.


And actually, you don’t need 10 ½  people - There may be some who want 2, 3, or 4 portions…

(see subtopic "Larger Group Order" for ordering 21 portions).

The ½ portion of this smaller order can be a 6 months supply for one person.


Ordering “ONE PORTION” will give you approximately 19 lbs.

It  is advisable (and suggested) to store between

21-25 lbs of "sproutable" grain, seeds, etc.

 for one person



Some emergency preparedness sites view "sproutable seed" as absolutely being part of the "basics"....I couldn't agree more!

These are our FRESH VITAMINS & MINERALS; OUR "GARDENS" we can have inside on the kitchen counter, with 4 feet of snow on the outside!


19 lbs (each full portion’s worth) could come

from www.rainydayfoods.com.

(That extra ½ portion mentioned above, would be about 9 1/2 lbs)

The remaining lbs (about 5- 6 lbs, needed to get into that 21-25 lbs range, mentioned above) would be your choice, individually ordered, or done in another group order if your participants choose to do so (see subtopic, "Remaining pounds").


*www.rainydayfood.com prices – these prices are coming right off their website; if you get a truck delivery order, it would be less than what you see here! These are found under “Naturals” on their site….www.rainydayfoods.com (formally called "waltonfeed.com").

They come to their warehouse as “organic” they said, but to avoid extra costs for certification listing as organic, something like that, they have to call them "Naturals", although they ARE organic.

Everything listed here, my suggestions, ARE ORGANIC!


There are many grains, beans, seeds to choose from to store for your “sprouting needs”.

You can read the “Sprouting” class material to get an idea.

I chose these because they are known “powerhouses” of strength and nutrition and offer a well balanced diet of “fresh greens”, (they don’t have to look green to be considered a fresh green). These will be an amazing asset in a time of need (and would serve us well now!). Absolutely so!

*This is all my personal opinion as to how this was organized in case you are interested in doing the same.  Good luck!




The purpose for this “particular assembling” is….FOR SPROUTING!


Yes, you can cook these grains, beans, etc….. BUT.... you need FRESH GREENS, for vital and active VITAMIN C, etc. that comes "FROM SPROUTING". 

If no gardening “earth” is available to produce a garden in harder times, YOU CAN HAVE YOUR GARDEN…. just on your kitchen counter; which makes it great for any climate! yes

Use your other stored grains/beans for eating, but reserve these for Sprouting!

Fresh sprouts don’t have to "look sprouted” to be considered a sprout.

Remember, they are "alive" after their soaking, and considered "a sprout" right then and there!







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