Preparedness Fair Ideas

"Setting Up"

a Provident Living Display

in a way that won't make you dizzy!


It is becoming more and more important and "imperative" to help educate ourselves and others on how to properly prepare to be self-reliant, in the "food department". smiley

The time is CERTAINLY AT HAND for all to see!


Your individual "area needs" will dictate, of course, other community organizations that will need to be involved as well....but,

This particular "lay-out" will give ideas on how to prepare

a Preparedness Fair in your area, with long term storagable food! cool


Here is an overview of the "look and feel" of this Fair:

It is important to spark a desire in each individual.... to not delay in preparation.....and to equip them with pertinent, but not an overload of information!

This Fair is set up to give them a glimpse that "they can do this!",

and feel confident in doing this!



You can have separate "rooms" perhaps pertaining to individual food items, like one for "beans" and all it's varieties; one for "water" and have particulars concerning that, but for the GENERAL OVERVIEW with people walking by - introduce an encouraging "look".



Table displays to show from the 1st step to the last…

(The information below concerns the "look", the flow, using long tables, side by side long ways, walking the individual from a 3 month “cupboard” storage all the way to seeing how to acquire a ONE year long-term supply.)


This set-up will be a quick "VISUAL understanding"

of the overall “WHY?” of storing food,

and to give incentive and education to those who haven’t begun, to, actually, begin!



People coming in from off the street may not even know what a "#10 can means" or how it can maintain a long shelf life or that you can even have certain foods like butter powder, or freeze dried strawberries! indecision

So, I like to begin at the beginning, following sound advice and wisdom to “acquire a 3 month's food supply”, which doesn’t even have to include any “long term” items at all, just everyday pantry and freezer items, but will gradually show how to incorporate them as well. 

In addition to being a lay-out of a food storage plan,

this will also be a “nutrition” un-folding lesson, important to understand and embrace,

especially if needing to use such a storage for a period of time!


Taking into consideration:  Table displays should not have “wordy” information; this will already be a new concept to many, to digest!  Adults may be walking through with tired children, etc. so we need to give them a quick, but direct “idea” of how to help their family acquire food. 

**It needs to be a pleasant “visual”; making them feel it "IS" do-able; creating an excitement to likewise prepare their family, and not a “loading down” of handouts making them feel this is just one more thing that they’re not doing and too way behind to even start! frown


Set-up "Suggestion":

A small round table at each end (to balance and create a “book-ends” feel) with long tables, all connected side by side in-between; using about 7-8 long tables. It'd be nice to have a battery operated lantern on each of those end round tables to further “encase” the homey feeling of taking care of our family, and keeps with this self-reliance theme of having "light" when there may be no electricity available.

Something “warm and cozy” makes people feel relaxed and comforted

and brings all thoughts back to HOME……

...the FIRST GOAL.


Technique given by each table:  First, there can be one or two people behind each table to answer questions about that table’s “particulars” and to lend support. These volunteers need to be instructed to compliment, uplift, make each person feel supported and not “behind everyone else” in this process of storing food.

Help the guests to see the things they are already doing at home towards "preparation"; that they may not even realize that they're doing!


Each long table will follow this pattern:  There will be one main sign, centered somehow, maybe on a stick down into dry food (beans, grains, etc.) in a mason jar (elevated to see at eye level); or into an opened #10 can of beans, the “theme, message” of that particular table. 

This sign will be a “jingle”

(already written out for you, to follow)

for a catchy and casual feeling. laugh

Then another sign (a one sentence statement, also to follow, on that table) will be all on one line written out, sitting on the table, in front, going across the table long ways.






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