Bosch 100% Whole Wheat Bread recipe

This is our family's


This recipe fills 2 cast iron pans

(considered large loaf)

(see "Shopping guide" subtopic for purchasing)


It is probably a bit too much dough for the size of my pans, but they rise up HIGH AND BEAUTIFUL; just perfect, and we love it!!

(See subtopic "Homemade DOUGH ENHANCERS" then its subtopic "Dough Enhancers Year Supply Amounts" in order to know how much of each of these ingredients you'll need to store in order to make 1 large loaf of this WW Bread, daily, for a year!)


You'll notice when people say they have trouble with this or that in making bread etc., it could be a 100 different "what happened?" questions.......

IT IS BECAUSE they aren't using these Homemade Dough Enhancers, AND THE TECHNIQUE of the 2 smaller, time-wise, rising times (as opposed to the "one" rise til double in bulk) .....

All the info laid out in this 'GREAT BREAD IS SO EASY' topic will ensure PERFECT BREAD! wink

This is why there is so much detail here.......



Bosch 100% Whole Wheat Bread 

(tweaked smiley with my DE additions) ~

(see topic "My WW Bread, condensed version" for a repetition of this bread recipe found under subtopic "Bosch 100% Whole Wheat Bread; and also for HONEY BUTTER AND HERBED BUTTER recipes yes)

This recipe makes 2 large loaves in 9x5 size pans, plus a little extra for making cinnamon rolls; or to just have 2 "high rising" loaves, or 3 medium loaves.

(Generally if it takes bread over 35 minutes to bake then there may be too much dough in the pan, but it'll still bake beautifully if needing a few more minutes because how the dough enhancers keep the bread light and airy. I love this recipe and bake it in my 2 cast iron large pans, taking about 35-40 minutes until done.)


3 ¾ cups hot water from the tap (115 degrees)

6 cups whole wheat flour

¼ cup + 1/8 cup oil  (or ½ cup shortening, I use my T.T. "palm shortening")

¼ cup + 1/8 cup honey

1 cup + 1 T of DE mixture (“Dough Enhancer” - just scoop out of the "pre-mixed" bag that you've made up....note: this "pre-mixture" is “with gluten” because it’s all WW flour being used)

3 T raw apple cider vinegar

3 T SAF yeast (notice how I match the vinegar to this yeast amount, part of Dough Enhancers)


1 ½ cups whole wheat flour, set aside

1 ½ T salt


Place 1st section of ingredients in order listed, into a mixing bowl (I have Bosch Universal).

With splash ring installed, jog switch to “Pulse” a few times to prevent splashing, then mix together until all mixed well, about 30 seconds, on Speed 2.

Stop and add the 2nd section (divided by an extra space) of flour and salt. 

Turn on to Speed 2, for 13-15 minutes to knead.

If any addition of flour is needed so dough cleans "mostly" sides of bowl then sprinkle within the first minute or two of kneading, a little at a time, to see if it "mostly" cleans the sides.

(I have found that I don’t need any more addition of flour. The range of total flour allowed for this "original" recipe was 9 – 12 cups, but I’m good with just the 7 ½ that I list here, and then you count the DE as well, counted like flour, which will add about 1 1/4 cups more. As previously mentioned though, if it is humid then I may be adding more flour.)


***See how just putting in a recipe's suggested flour amount

would be too much!!!

That's why breads don't always turn out!!

Use this trick of how much flour to use, stated in subtopic "Follow One Pattern"!


When you think kneading is done (you'll get real use to this!), do the windowpane test with moistened fingers to check if gluten is developed (explained in subtopic "Kneading & Windowpane").

Take out of bowl with lightly greased fingers and onto lightly greased countertop. Pat into a round circle so it looks symmetrical, preparing to divide (cut) evenly. Use dough divider to cut dough according to how many loaves you are making.


Refer to subtopics, "Kneading and Windowpane" and "Rounding the Dough" for the

complete RISING INSTRUCTIONS smiley.

That info will take you right up to putting the bread pans in the oven to bake.

"Crisco" grease loaf pans. Don't "PAM" spray them.
Bake 350 degrees for about 35 minutes.

Do instant read test about *5-10 minutes before you think it will be done. 

It must be a full 200 degrees to be done.

Take out of oven and dump out immediately onto cooling rack. Spread butter on top and lay a dry towel over the loaves until they are completely cooled (butter softens crust). Place in bread keeper and/or plastic bags. But before they've had a chance to cool completely, we've already eaten half of it!!


*Once you make this recipe, with your particular oven and your pans, you'll know almost exactly when it will be done; thereby not "opening" the oven too much to "check" and letting out valuable heat for baking!

Oh I can smell the bread baking!! If only we could put that wonderful aroma in a candle - well if you could, your family would just be mad that it wasn't "REAL" bread baking!

So - bake bread and make wonderful memories!






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