Sugar, Honey, Agave


The SUGAR category

as seen on the food storage

calculator charts

(see topic "Basics of Storing Food", and subtopic "Using Calculator Charts")

suggest storing 60 lbs pppy (per person per year).


(See information about "Agave" at end of this topic. It seems to be the "rave" and proposed as a great alternative to honey - I personally disagree, but to each his own!)


The suggestions listed for this category include:

white and brown sugars

honey, molasses, syrup, corn syrup

gelatins, fruit drink powders



You don't have to store every item listed above; these are only suggestions to help you think about what your own family might eat and need, thus helping us to know what we'll need to store.

You also don't have to store the suggested amount of pounds for the individual items, like jam or powdered fruit drink, etc. for instance. I may not want to store ANY powdered drink.

However, DO KEEP the overall (60 lbs pppy) amount suggested right at what is suggested there, of course; that balances the whole picture!

And for instance, one calculator chart suggests to store tons more sugar than honey;

I personally do not do that as we love raw honey

and I store most of our "Sugars" category IN HONEY! I keep the overall 60 lbs pppy in that Sugar category, but I store those individual items according to what like and eat. That is the point here.

*RAW HONEY ~ I always recommend buying "raw honey"; google for a raw honey supplier in your area. If you live in the Orlando, Florida area, you can contact Alease Hansen, 407-852-0712. They sell 1 gallon (12 lbs) heavy duty containers of honey for $43 (as of Oct 2015); this is a fantastic price. There may be other wonderful suppliers too.

If honey has been heated over 110 degrees, that "heating" kills healthy enzymes and destroys the medicinal benefits that are IMMENSE in raw honey!! Find a local supplier!

*See "SUBBING" topic for complete discussion of honey, sugars, etc. not only helping with substituting one for the other, but the discussion may help us to understand how to organize how many pounds our family will need of these items, for our long term storage.

*Also read more about HONEY in subtopic "1 Adult - 3 Months", under topic "Getting Started".


Trivia note: A #10 can of Sugar weighs 6.14 lbs. It contains about 13 cups of sugar.



Honey has indefinite shelf life. Sugar is 30 years +. Brown Sugar at least 25 years +.




(taken from “Eat to Live” by Joel Fuhrman, M.D., pages 311-312)

“Agave has become the sweetener of choice for many health enthusiasts, but I do NOT recommend it. It is just another concentrated, low-nutrient sweetener. In addition, it may pose some significant health problems.

One of its claims to fame is its low glycemic index. That is because agave is approximately 85% fructose. Fructose is metabolized differently from other sugars. Instead of going into the bloodstream (where it could raise blood sugar), most of it goes directly to the liver.  This is why it has a low glycemic index, but it still promotes fat storage and weight gain.

While many see a low glycemic index as a positive, fructose or any concentrated sweetener high in fructose can cause elevated triglycerides and increased risk of heart disease. It may also increase the risk of metabolic syndrome/insulin resistance, particularly in those who are insulin-resistant and/or overweight.

These are the same reasons we are given for avoiding products made with high-fructose corn syrup, which has more fructose than regular table sugar.”




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