This HIGH FIBER seed

can get rid of waste build-up

in the colon!


What's not to like about that?


Gandhi once observed, "Whenever flaxseeds become a regular food item among the people, there will be better health."

The seeds are extremely effective in discouraging disease.
Cancer, high blood pressure, cardiovascular troubles, diabetes and even depression are diminished by flaxseed!

Hippocrates (the Greek physician, celebrated as the "Father of Medicine") prescribed flax for correcting intestinal disorders. These disorders can occur as a result of our body's build-up of waste as mentioned above.


Do I eat them WHOLE or GROUND-UP?

Definitely grind them up fresh right before consuming.
Grinding "releases" all their nutrients and benefits. Regular blenders cannot grind them up fine enough. Just buy a small simple, inexpensive coffee type grinder found anywhere. I would not recommend buying pre-ground flax "meal" as once it is ground, it immediately starts to lose its potency (and thus, all the benefits)!
So grind as you go!

The body actually absorbs more fiber from them being milled (ground up to a powder, also commonly referred to as "meal").

Sprinkling them on food and chewing them cannot release the full amount of nutrients. They will pass right through the body without being digested, meaning we miss out on all of their great benefits!


What are these amazing benefits?

They, like Chia seeds, are a potent source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3's have tremendous cardiovascular benefits and offer protection of our blood vessels from inflammation damage! The benefits of Omega 3's are absolutely immense and unbelievable in what they can do for our body! And it is very important to get the real pure "source" of them and not just pop a pill that says "Omega 3's" - seriously? Do we really think that's the same?

Flax is higher than chia though in tissue protective copper and richer in lignans. Lignans are phytochemicals that are linked to reduce cancer risk and protect against cardiovascular disease. They are 2% higher in magnesium (cancer fighting) and have 9% more B1 (brain boosting).


How much to take?

If your body is not use to a diet of pure and wholesome high fiber foods which cleanse the body, start small with about 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of whole flax seed daily, then grind that up.
Cleansing too quickly with not being use to it, well I think we can figure the rest out!

You can build up to 1 tablespoon a day if desired, depending on how much other whole and natural fiber you are taking daily. As with any high fiber food, make sure and drink lots of pure water (we're already doing this and understanding its value, right?) to help with the "cleansing through the body".

I personally grind up just 1 teaspoon of whole flax seed daily and add a tablespoon of chia gel as well, to my daily morning smoothie.



If interested, this is what I put in my "Health" Smoothie

*Organic frozen berries (Costco)
*Greens First Pro (powder) nutrient rich, antioxidant super food that helps to alkalize, balance and nourish the whole body, non-GMO, and tastes great!

*From Tropical Traditions:
- Caprotein (2 T): a premium whole protein powder produced from Goat milk (the most digestible protein on the planet)! You cannot taste any goat milk flavor!
I've mixed this and the "Greens" together by themselves with just water for traveling and it's still delicious.
- Either 1 T of Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil or the Coconut Cream Concentrate
(read about these on tropicaltraditions.com - incredibly healthy and produced the old fashioned way).
- Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides (1 scoop) found under "Supplements" on the TT website.
Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is the key constituent of all connective tissues.
It provides the infrastructure of the musculoskeletal system essential for mobility!

(NOTE: Always buy what is closest to its natural original state, not in a capsule, etc. and it has to be the pure and unadulterated form of it. So many buy the "cheapest" or most advertised, etc. product. Everything is a money making business and NOT concerned about our health! We must do our own research and digging to make sure we are putting the purest sources in our body!)

*Chia gel (1 T)
*Whole flax seed ground up fresh (I use 1 tsp of seed, then grind that).
We want this for its benefits. Don't refrigerate leftovers; the benefits degrade after grinding. Grind as you go.

1 teaspoon raw bee pollen (find local raw honey producer or buy from a health food store).
I take mine separate from my smoothie, just personal preference.

Raw honey, organic yogurt, pumpkin/sunflower seeds, organic peanut butter, organic carrot and celery, etc.



Refer to "Chia seed" for shelf life (they are similar) and for longer storage using Diatomaceous Earth.