Pantry Storage


Of mind, peace I have.


Having food on the shelf certainly adds to my peace of mind, knowing I can feed my family with whatever emergency might come up.


This "gathering of Pantry Storage" topic is purely a "guideline" to assist us in our "own" thinking and preparation to obtain our specific shelf pantry storage.

Amounts of food items are not listed as this is up to each individual's personal preferences and tastes.

I am using my personal pantry shelf approach here, according to my own tastes and likes, certainly adjust to yours!


The overall objective of course is to have food on our shelves

to take care of our family!


This whole topic is my so-called "TO DO" list to help me acquire mine.


I use it as "an example" here, hoping to assist others in collecting theirs.
MY OBJECTIVE was to obtain nutrient-dense foods in the cheapest way possible with still the ease of preparation and keeping nutrition in mind!

I didn't want to have too many refined and over processed foods because they will NOT fill us up (and they're expensive) as they are empty in nutrients. They would not provide our bodies with what is required to function properly, especially in our time of stress!


Good luck to all of us

in all of our efforts as we are surely doing the best we can

with our busy and demanding schedules!




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